A few weeks ago, Eric Olsen from Helix Education was interested in a comment I had made in a Facebook group we are both members of. I was sharing my boss’ thoughts on how to address crisis events on social media, which is a bit different than what other deans and higher educators tend to do.

Eric asked me to appear on his podcast to talk further about the strategies I’ve come up with over the past decade or so of managing communications for my office (a Dean of Students office at a large university.) Listen to it now! (I hope I sound okay.)

Helix Education is a marketing and technology firm that works primarily on enrollment growth in higher education. I really like their visual work: you can see sample of it on their website. While enrollment is not something I work with directly, it constantly colors my work: if enrollment doesn’t meet their goals, I don’t have students to communicate to.

They currently have this online game called Enrollment Growth Hero, where you get to play the role of an eager administrator trying to get their marketing plan signed off on. Yes, you get to experience a funny take on the obstacles any higher education administrator might face when hoping to get sign off on a large project. Also, you might even win some coffee along the way (which is key to anyone who works in higher ed.) You can try it out here.  (Please note: This is a sponsored link. If you play the game, I may receive some sort of compensation.)