For some of us, writing and doodling are just easier. The Dean (my boss at my full-time job) and I are very alike in that way.

I’ve tried styluses on iPhones, and using an iPad to take notes in meetings, but nothing really compares to handwriting and illustrating notes yourself. Maybe this shows my age, but if it does, I’m fine with it.

The Dean came to me Monday morning with something he had drawn up that morning that he wanted to convert into a blog post. A hand-drawn blog post, if you will. He’s a former graphic designer, so of course a normal doodle by him turns out to be absolutely spot on. But he wanted some specific sections of the doodle to link to external sites, social media and Spotify.

He handed me the doodle and went off his day of meetings. In order to keep his doodle intact but still link out to everything he wanted, I turned to Stipple.

Stipple is a photo sharing site that allows you to upload a photo and place multiple links or text on a photo. You can then share that photo and its links on various platforms (like Twitter and Facebook.)

Here is what Stipple allowed me to do with the Dean’s hand-drawn blog post and links:



Pretty awesome, right? The goal is to do one of these each day this week as a way to curate the university’s Senior Week and Commencement activities.

I can’t help but think there are SO many opportunities to use Stipple in both venues in which I work (higher education and sports media.) For example, the US Figure Skating Association (USFSA) loves to share athlete throwback or action photos on Twitter. What if they used Stipple to do so, which would allow them to link to a YouTube video of that particular performance or the skater’s athlete bio? Or even a link to purchase Nationals tickets?

What uses do you see for Stipple?