I don’t know about you, but I survive my commuter rail-subway commute every morning by listening to either music or sports talk. The sports talk is usually things I have downloaded or are streaming to my phone on demand. I rarely listen to live sports radio (every once and a while I get to listen to afternoon sports radio in my office, and on the weekends when I’m driving to and from writing jobs I catch more.) Most of the sports audio I listen to is on-demand and shorter in length than a typical sports radio show. It works for me – I get concentrated discussion on topics that interest me most.

One of my on-and-off gigs is to run the social media presence for one of the pieces of on-demand sports audio I listen to – a college hockey radio program called Hockey On Campus. It was a traditional radio program until the radio station it was on switched formats, forcing the show online. I am trying to find the best ways and times to share the show’s audio files on social media. I would also love to establish better means of communication between the show’s host and the audience.

How to do that? Create a survey, of course. (So very grad school of me, I know.)

I know how I interact with on-demand sports audio, but I’m just one person. So if you listen to “on-demand sports audio” – i.e. you listen to sports audio you can download or stream whenever you want to – please consider taking this survey. To do so, click on the continue button below. Consider it your Christmas or early birthday gift to me.